Why do you need an Investment Tracker?

Understand the reasons you need an investment tracker. Get to know about the best new investment tracker - vue.

“What gets measured, gets managed.” - Peter F. Drucker. This is true for investments as well. The key to wealth creation lies in building an optimal investment portfolio. This involves diversification, which means dealing with multiple brokerages, exchanges, et al.  

But it can be difficult to keep up with monitoring so many different portfolios.

And that’s why you need a reliable and smart investment tracker.

Need for an investment tracker

A good investment tracker app like Vue enables you to track every possible asset class - stocks, crypto, bank accounts, NFTs, Forex and more - in one place.

However, the need for an investment tracker goes beyond just tracking investments. Here’s a comprehensive list of reasons you should consider downloading a good investment tracking app like Vue-

1.     Simplify Managing Investments- To simplify managing your investments by tracking all your investments, traditional or non-traditional (crypto, NFT, Defi). An investment tracker like Vue connects and automatically syncs all your brokerages, crypto exchanges, and bank accounts, consolidating your investment data.

2.     Keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the market- An investment tracker like Vue provides real-time portfolio updates through breaking news, bite-sized digests, and risk alerts on all your assets across all your brokers, exchanges, and bank accounts in real-time. This way, you know when to act and what action to take.

3.     Sentiment Data and Analyst ratings- A comprehensive investment tracker like Vue aims to provide investors with in-depth and best-in-class fundamental data and market sentiment.

4.     Measure Portfolio Performance- You can evaluate your results against those of comparable investments using a benchmark index. Investment tracker Vue can measure your portfolio performance through professional-grade portfolio metrics. With just a few clicks you can perform index comparisons, VaR, diversification, and sustainability analysis on your entire portfolios of stocks, crypto, FX, or something else.

5.     Advanced, in-depth financial analysis- Vue investment tracker provides in-depth analysis for financials, ratios, analyst ratings, technical indicators, corporate actions, and such.

6.     Sophisticated portfolio analysis, including risk insights- A good investment tracker like Vue goes beyond the basic data to educate you about the risk and returns of your investment. It helps in understanding the risk of investment by providing details like the Beta of the stock and historical performance analysis of your investments.

7.     Diversification- An investment tracker should help you in the diversification of your portfolio by offering recommendations. And so, Vue offers personalised portfolio-based recommendations.

8.     To modify your portfolio if necessary- Watch your investments to see if they are assisting you in achieving your objectives. If not, adjust accordingly.

The Bottom Line

A good Investment tracker like Vue is an integral part of a strategy to maximise portfolio returns and manage them more efficiently. A good investment tracker offers tools to help you reach your long-term investment goals. The tracker provides up-to-date information, so you always know where you stand.

The need for an investment tracker goes beyond just tracking investments. A comprehensive investment tracker like Vue is designed to give a 360-degree view and sharp insights into all your investments. Download Vue today!