Exploring the TOP 5 Investment Tracking Applications

Investing in and of itself is a conscious choice that you have what it takes to be successful, and a component of that decision is tracking your assets. Keeping track of all of your assets may be quite tedious. It is challenging to manage your money when you have to check various platforms only to acquire updated information on how well your investments are performing. With portfolio tracking apps, it has never been simpler to get rapid insight into the performance of your portfolio. If you choose an efficient investment tracking app, it may assist you in maintaining a closer check on your holdings, leading to improved returns on your capital.

Uncovering the Benefits of Investment Tracking Apps

Investment tracking apps introduce multiple beneficial features. In contrast to being focused on a single asset class, investments tracking apps allow a multi-asset approach. Since we live in the century of speed, acquiring real-time data is one of the most important advantages you might leverage, and this is exactly what a portfolio tracking app does! Furthermore, these platforms offer multiple data tiers, from beginner to advanced.

Nowadays, most investment monitoring applications automatically adjust the value of your holdings to reflect current market conditions by factoring in the number of shares they represent.  In the end, you need an application that not only gives us a clear view of your holdings but also enables you to make quick judgments on the composition of your investment portfolio so that you can properly manage your assets. Moving forward, we will explore some of the most efficient portfolio tracking apps.

·      Vue

As an innovative investment Tracking app, Vue emerges as one of the most reliable and advanced cross-exchange cryptocurrency and portfolio trackers. In other words, Vue converges the traditional sector of stocks with the innovative blockchain industry, all in one place.

Vue is a cutting-edge tracker for your portfolio, complete with data that is both exceptional and pertinent. Because of the ever-increasing availability of data APIs, the rate of data enrichment is accelerating. While other investment and portfolio trackers develop slowly and cannot adapt to the high demand for data associated with a fast-moving asset class like cryptocurrency, Vue keeps up with the unprecedented pace of the crypto sector. In addition, there is not a single current independent software that tracks portfolios across many cross-exchanges.

One unique aspect of Vue is that no other app that tracks portfolios offers analysis at the portfolio level. Until now, most portfolio tracking apps have been limited to providing insights only at the asset level. In this pursuit, users have the option to enable advanced portfolio-level analytics and data-based portfolio risk investment techniques inside the app. Hence, with Vue, it is possible to determine your risk objective and change your portfolio to reflect it.

Another feature that Vue facilitates is that the platform enables tax reporting and statements for the entire portfolio. Similarly, it might analyse and determine how much the customer has spent on exchange fees. In addition, users may consolidate vast amounts of data using APIs, as there is growing data API availability. Due to the nature of blockchain, the availability of real-time data is cost-effective.

·      Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a no-cost tool that streamlines the process of keeping track of your net worth. You may connect it to your bank accounts, investment accounts, credit card accounts, and many more to have a consolidated picture of all the information and data that is helpful to you, including your net worth.

After linking your investment accounts to Personal Capital, the software will immediately begin downloading all your transaction, balance, and return information. It can connect accounts for retirement as well as accounts for other types of investments. This way, anyone can easily add all their financial accounts, such as credit cards, savings, checking, loans, and tax-advantaged investment accounts, to the Free Financial Dashboard. This makes it simple for people to manage their finances in a centralised location.

In addition, it gives you access to a tool called the Investment Checkup, which allows you to evaluate the level of risk in your portfolio, examine its historical performance, and determine the optimal allocation of assets for your portfolio. You may leverage this advice to adjust your portfolio to enhance the performance of your investments.

Furthermore, Personal Capital allows you to assess whether you have an overweight or underweight allocation to certain stock sector investments and evaluate the degree to which you are diversified by using the free Investment Checkup tool that Personal Capital offers. Besides, you may evaluate your portfolio in comparison to the S&P 500 and Personal Capital's "Smart Weighting" Recommendation. This recommendation relies holdings on equitable weightings across sectors as opposed to market size weightings.

·      Mint

Mint is mainly recognised as a free budgeting tool, benefiting those primarily interested in day-to-day money management. However, Mint also enables you to track your assets. Besides, the app's tools allow you to identify any hidden costs you may be paying on your investing accounts.

Mint allows users to link their financial accounts, making it much simpler for them to keep track of their portfolio. Because the app is compatible with most online brokers, you should not have any trouble linking your accounts.  Coinbase, Binance, and Gemini are three of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges with which Mint's portfolio tracker has just begun to integrate to provide support for cryptocurrency investment portfolios.

In addition, Mint is user-friendly and beneficial for acquiring broad financial knowledge. Most of the time, Mint is used by users who want money for numerous objectives. In addition to displaying your income, spending, and savings objectives, it also reveals your credit score, investments, and net worth.  

Overall, the Mint portfolio tracking app is adequate for novice investors who are looking for a free basic tool for managing their money, saving money, tracking how much money they spend, and creating a budget. On the other side of the spectrum, investors with more advanced expertise might opt for other alternatives.


Kubera is a fully integrated wealth management platform that allows active investors to monitor and control every aspect of their whole portfolio, regardless of the asset types it contains. With Kubera, users might track their traditional, physical, and digital assets, as well as monitor the value of those assets in any major currency, by utilising Kubera's user-friendly platform.

Investors interested in stocks and cryptocurrencies may follow the most important individual stocks and cryptocurrencies by adding Kubera's tickers to their dashboards.  Kubera's charts and visual analysis capabilities allow users to check the value of all of the aforementioned assets, maintain an eye on asset allocation, and track the rise of their net worth over time.

Nevertheless, Kubera does not provide any kind of analysis of your existing investment portfolio in any way. There is no option for asset allocation or fee analysis, and no retirement planner is available. In addition to these restrictions, the monthly fee for using Kubera is $15.


Thanks to its straightforward design, convenient navigation, and user-friendly interface, you can keep track of all your investments in one location with the Delta App. All your investments, including equities, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds, and more, will be shown on a single screen.

Overall, the Delta app has many useful features, one of which gives you the ability to see the aggregate profits or losses that have resulted from all of your assets since you first began trading or during the last 24 hours. If you are using Delta PRO, you can monitor live pricing fluctuations, allowing you to make choices based on the most recent information available.

The app is always being updated by Delta, which means that both new features are being added regularly, and the existing functions are continuously being enhanced. You can establish individualised notifications and build a watchlist of a variety of assets that are tailored to your own investing preferences.

In addition, Delta allows you to explore the world of NFTs. You can keep tabs not just on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets but also on your own and other people's NFT wallets. There is an option called "Explorer" that gives you the ability to navigate among thousands of NFT collections, and you can receive updates on any collection that you are following.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, it is essential to track the success of your portfolio and continually assess its structure to ensure that you stay on the path to achieving your financial goals. Among the several investment-tracking applications presented before, you will find one that is a good fit for your financial goals and methods to support you on this journey.